Understanding Decentralisation: Part 1

In this video, I discuss the power dynamics within the banking system, focusing on the influence of government institutions and private financial institutions such as central banks. I explain how these institutions control the flow of money and the rules that individuals must follow when applying for loans or credit. Additionally, I explore the role of blockchain technology in decentralizing the system and empowering individuals to control their own assets and documents. The goal is to address the centralization and lack of freedom in the current banking system by returning power to the people.

00:00 Introduction
00:51 The Influence of Government and Private Institutions
03:25 The Role of Blockchain Technology
06:15 The Flow of Money into the Banking System
09:21 The Impact on Real World Assets
11:40 The Potential of Peer-to-Peer Lending
13:09 The Process of Borrowing from Banks
17:20 The Power and Control of Financial Institutions
21:44 The Need for Change and the Role of Blockchain
23:34 Addressing Verification and Decentralization
27:34 The Benefits of Decentralization and Ownership
31:21 Blockchain as a Force for Good
31:46 Summary


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