The REIT tokens are native token on Cardano Blockchain. It will be a utility token driving staking, Asset onboarding on the platform, and later driving development of a dev ecosystem globally.


Enable Staking

Fuel of Treasury


Getting your hands on REIT token today can bring substantial advantages because

Getting in on the ground floor of a platform with real-world applications and unlimited growth potential

Enjoying the tokenomics advantage of a smart contract-driven token issuance with halving every four years and a fixed supply of 50M.

You also become a part of a growing Tech Savvy community who believe in technology and its role to change the future.

REITcircles is not just another blockchain project; it’s a disruptor in the real estate industry. With blockchain’s security, transparency, and efficiency, REITcircles fueled by REIT tokens redefine how properties are bought, sold, and managed.

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